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Paperless poolsheets for 2 to 8 fencers


View live results from competitions


ClubKnight is a poolsheet app for your smartphone, tablet, desktop or notebook.  

Better than paper poolsheets:

  • does all the arithmetic for you
  • scores always go in the correct box
  • publishes scores to the web, as they happen
  • web-app for viewing scores
  • scores stay on the web indefinitely - useful for e.g. interclub leagues
  • cannot enter more than the maximum number of hits for the bout
  • display the live scores by projector
  • track the progress of a wave of pools without leaving the DT's office
  • it's free

As flexible as paper poolsheets:

  •  pause a bout at any point
  •  skip bouts, or return to earlier skipped bouts, at any time
  •  stop a bout at any time, or any score
  •  pools of between 2 and 8 fencers
  •  you can split a pool over two pistes about as easily as you can do with paper poolsheets
  •  can be used for Team and DE scoring, at a pinch
  • go back and fix any mistakes

Simple to use

  • easy viewing on small screens - the poolsheet is split into its three parts:
    - Pool, Boutlist, Results
  • adds a screen for scoring a bout
  • only 11 buttons in total 
  • set up new poolsheets from your phone

Copes with short battery lives:

  • swap to another phone
  • pick up exactly where you left off 

Runs on pretty much anything

Android (version 2.0 and up)
Amazon Kindle Fire
Apple iPhone & iPad
Apple Mac
Blackberry 10 & Playbook
Nintendo 2DS & 3DS
Raspberry Pi 
and Windows, Windows Phone & Windows RT
(Internet connection permitting)

Coming soon! Use ClubKnight with your existing software

Keep score with ClubKnight, and run your tournament with
Fencing Time, En Garde or Ophardt System

Fencers fencing Fencers fencing Fencers fencing Fencers fencing